Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the sound you hear is me hitting my head against a brick wall

Once again my organisational skills have impressed me.

On Saturday at the butcher's I bought enough meat for three meals including last night's meatballs. Husband and  I go to circuit training on a Monday evening so I made the sauce and put the meatballs in the oven before setting the automatic cooker to come on.
Got home from class expecting to be greeted by the delicious smell of ready-cooked meatballs but it was sadly lacking. I opened the oven door and the dish was barely warm so I concluded I'd set it wrongly and it had switched off too soon. I banged my head against a kitchen cupboard, turned off the automatic setting and put the oven on. Husband only grumbled a little so I told him to go and take a slow shower.
I showered and after about half an hour wandered back to see how it was doing: the oven was no hotter than it had been before. This didn't look good. I checked all the settings and everything seemed to be in order - except for the fact that the oven wasn't hot. 
The good thing was that I could now tell Husband it wasn't my fault but that the cooker wasn't working.

Husband came down and I broke the bad news to him. He looked at the cooker and said, 'You've got the wrong oven on.'


James Higham said...

That's even more of a worry then, if the one not on was a trifle warm.

Liz said...

It should be okay, James, as it's not very old.