Monday, February 20, 2012

One for the money

I'm supposed to be looking for curtains but I got distracted ...

One for the Money, the film of the the book by Janet Evanovich, is released here on Friday! It's the first one in a series, currently reaching 18 books, about a New Jersey bounty-hunter named Stephanie Plum. I adore the books; they're laugh aloud funny - and I don't find that about many books. I've only just found out that it's been made into a film, something I've been expecting for ages as the books are full of action and slapstick, as well as great characters.

But ... I'm ambivalent about the film. I've just watched the trailer and it looks entertaining but they're all wrong. Stephanie (played by Izzy from Grey's Anatomy) is a bit wrong but Morelli? Ranger? Lula? Grandma Mazur? The parents? So wrong in so many ways.

We'll have to go and see it of course. I just hope we're not disappointed.


katney said...

That's always the way of it, isn't it? It is so much better to form our own vision of someone than to read the book after seeing the movie. Then you have to stick to the director's choices and it's hard to break away and see your own. Just think of it as an alternate reality I guess. (I haven't read her books. I guess I have something to hit the library for.)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I loved the books ( I don't think I've read them all , though ... must hunt through the library again ).
I'm not sure about a film , Í 'll wait for your review .