Sunday, February 19, 2012

I forgot to say

Thank you.

For all your good wishes and especially prayers. After a very stressful visit to the midwife on Thursday where she was booked in for Sunday (today) to be induced, the previously very distressed mother-to-be was much calmer and happier on Friday. 

I went along with her and Son-in-law for the monitoring and scan on Friday afternoon and at one point during the scan I began to think that GrandDaughter might be right and that Mummy was going to have a puppy not a baby.

That aside all was well and Daughter was relaxed and prepared when the midwife suggested she should go in on Saturday morning to be induced instead (as there wasn't much fluid in the womb). And then when she got in there on Saturday things had begun and labour and delivery was able to proceed with no intervention. And in the end it all happened fairly quickly and naturally. 

So a real answer to prayer. Thank you again.

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MissKris said...

I'm over from Facebook...said a pic of the new wee one would be here? Well, I'll check back! :-)