Sunday, October 02, 2011

You're going to do what?

Husband needed a stress pill this afternoon: I told him I was going to mow the lawn.

Mowing the grass is Husband's job and one he takes pride in so the thought of an amateur being let loose on it caused him no little anxiety. If his concern had been health and safety related I could have understood, the number of times I got the wire wound around my arms or legs or banged my head on the washing 'thing' - what do you call that upside-down umbrella thing? - but his concern was aesthetic. But as you can see from the photo, I hope, he had no reason to be alarmed.
It takes great aesthetic sensitivity to make a fine crop circle.


katney said...

I set out to mow on Wednesday morning, but the mower would not start.

I shall probably have a proper hayfield over the winter. Maybe there will be enough snow to hide it.

Oh, there was no stress on husband's part at all, though he did pitch in in trying to start the mower for me.

Furtheron said...

the upside down umbrella is the whirlygig... well always has been in our house anyways

CalumCarr said...

I wonder about you, Liz!!!

Liz said...

That's a good excuse, katney!

Whirligig, furtheron? Okay.

Why, Calum?!

CherryPie said...

You seem to have created a labyrinth!