Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh no he's not!

After lunch Husband was looking at the latest theatre brochure and he mentioned the pantomime this year features special 3D effects.
'Oh!' I cried. 'We'll have to go and see that!'
Husband looked at me slowly and then said, 'It's the theatre: it's all 3D. You can't get more 3D.'

Okay, well, little Jimmy Osmond's in it so we'll have to go. I still remember seeing ... whatisname? Jess Conrad! Do you remember him? He was gorgeous. I don't recall which panto it was though.

I love the panto. I am so looking forward to having grandchildren old enough to go. And maybe we should go this year to get some 'He's behind you' shouting practice in.

P.S. I just checked the Jess Conrad website; apparently he was Jack in Puss in Boots in Swansea.

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