Friday, September 09, 2011

The approach of hurricane katia

Next Tuesday is going to be a very special day for four of Zac's regulars: three men and one woman are being baptised.

I asked Sean who was going to be doing the baptising, willing him with all my might to ask me to be involved. He said, 'Do you fancy helping to baptise April?'
'I would LOVE to help baptise April.'

At dusk. In the sea. At high tide. Approaching the very high tides of the autumn equinox. With the remnants of Hurricane Katia forecast to be hitting our shores. Hmmm.

Afterwards I analysed my motives for wanting to help. I realised it was more to do with me and my need to be thought of worth and value, not to mention the blogging material it would provide. So then I began to think about the person who is really important.

In today's society, we judge people. We assign worth to them on numerous doubtful grounds. But God's grace is free; no-one has to earn it or deserve it. I didn't and neither does April, yet if I view her in human terms if there was anyone who is more deserving of God's grace than April I would like to meet her. April has been to hell and back, literally dying three times. I've told a little of her story before and gradually as I learn more and more of the life she's ... suffered I stand in awe.

She has come to know the God who saved her life and who has a reason for that. And when she goes under the sea and comes up again on Tuesday she'll be demonstrating the wonder of God's love and power to bring about change.

I can't wait!


Shawn said...

Thanks for sharing. You've painted a beautiful picture of April's baptism. I so thankful for God's gift of salvation in my life. Amazing when we think of where we've been and where God has taken us.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Yes thank you for sharing. I am so happy that April has found God.. and asked him into her life. How amazing the baptisism sounds. Is it really in the sea??

I was baptised as a child, and brought up a Roman Catholic .. now I attend a Christian church .. My mum was abit upset .. I said we are all Christians .. well that is what I believe .

Ole Phat Stu said...

Didn't know Zac's was into waterboarding.... ;-)

Furtheron said...

I'd take some life-preservers just in case

Suburbia said...

Wow Liz, powerful stuff.

Liz said...

Thank you, shawn and anne. Yes, in the sea, anne.

What's waterboarding, stu?

Seeing the sea tonight I think I will, furtheron.

Thanks, sub.