Friday, May 06, 2011

Taking on Paypal

It is over.

My 8 month battle with Paypal is finally over. It's an incredibly long and complicated story but to sum it up:
a) When setting up accounts I made several mistakes that came to light when we were given a donation of more than £1,000;
b) I explained to Paypal, apologised and asked them to put it right so I could access the money intended for a children's orphanage in Zambia;
c) Paypal repeatedly quoted EU money-laundering rules at me and told me I had to comply with certain requirements;
d) I did as requested but hit problems because of my original mistakes;
e) They said 'you've got to do this and this' and I said, 'But I can't,' and they said, 'You've got to do this and this,' and I said, 'I've just told you that I can't';
f) I brought in the Financial Ombudsman;
g) Paypal realised I was serious and gave me a real person to talk to;
h) Sadly real person was no higher up the chain of responsibility and couldn't make executive decisions;
i) And so on and so on and so on;
j) Last month Paypal finally agreed that they would manually transfer the remaining money (£222) to our bank account (which is what I asked them to do back in October);
k) Today I received notification that the absolute final bit of money - £1.54 that Paypal had put into their own charity account without asking us - had been transferred back to our account too.

Somewhere along the way they did say that they'd make a goodwill payment to our charity but, in spite of my requests that they pay up, it doesn't seem to be forthcoming. Do I have the energy to continue the fight?

I was going to say that I took on Paypal and won but the amount of time, energy and emotion I've put into this fight make it less of a victory. The only good thing is that it will have cost them a lot of money to deal with me too.


50 and still trying to be Frugal .... said...

Good for you. At least you did not give up and kept going till you got all your money back.

Furtheron said...

Well done for keeping at it... I'd probably have long given up