Friday, February 11, 2011

Keeping dogs in

You know the way 'relevant' adverts appear on Blogger when you do a new post? Well, after my last post, adverts to keep cats off your garden appeared, including one for gels, crystals and ultrasonics.

Crystals? Maybe not but ultrasound, hmmm. An invisible barrier of high-pitched sound around the garden. Might stop the foxes pooping on our lawn too.


James Higham said...

Google ads are another world, Liz.

Gledwood said...

yeah liz crystals are so powerful man that's why everyone who wears a diamond which is just about every woman alive over 25 in N America, Europe and many Asian countries and Australia... all these women are mystically blest with Diamond Energy man!

fucking bullshit!

yeah i get the most ridiculous suggestions in the screen after you post, you know with that little ad box fucking hell google get a life!

thanks for your message Liz

i was on meds, they disagreed with me bad so i'm off them

the *******s down the clinic want me back on so i promised i would (never said WHEN though!) so i'm thoroughly enjoying going higher and higher on nothing at all

i mean seriously Liz don't you think it's sicko to try and medicate someone for feeling GOOD that is sick

i think they want me all depressed and compliant so they can make the most patronizing and insulting remarks about my character like they did before but i try and rise above it and forgive

i can't forget though

you know about forgiveness you're a Christian

i feel very wronged by this clinic

forgiveness is a process not an action, isn't it

so i'm trying to do the process i'm not wasting energy being bitter and i'm certainly not doing twisted!

thanks for the message and to George:

woof woof bark bo grrrrrrl-ooof oof ooff

that is a highly confidential message but George will have a good laugh over it I promise you. Make sure you don't repeat it in the garden with the neighbours listening or you might end up in the padded cell next to mine...!

Gledwood said...

oh Liz life is hard hard hard get George to do it all for you

that's my advice (that's what those barks meant)