Saturday, January 08, 2011

Pink and more pink

I have about a million Nectar points. No, that's an exaggeration but I have a lot and Daughter keeps nagging me to use them but I want to save them for something special and that is good value. 'Like what?'
'I don't know but I can't just use them.'

So while we were in Devon Daughter suggested I take us out for a meal at Ask, a chain Italian restaurant that lets you pay in Nectar points. (By the way, Nectar points are Sainsburys' loyalty scheme thingy.) So I did. Begrudgingly.

But that's not the point of this post. On the way from car park to Ask we had to pass Habitat and they had a sale on. So, obviously, we had to call in on the way back to the car.

And look what we found:
A beautiful pink lamp for the kitchen.

And then I walked around a corner and ... 'A PINK CLOCK!' I screeched. Over-excited wasn't the word.


mrsnesbitt said...

PINK! Love it!

CalumCarr said...

I assume you have chosen pink to keep hubbie out of the kitchen!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Love it :-) ... I have just used my nectar points from the last two years ... Bought childrens christmas presents .. then this week bought a Steamer for cooking , and a blender and new bedding for our bed.

Liz said...

Me too, mrs n.

On the contrary, calum, he cooked dinner tonight.

I must check out what's available, anne.

Furtheron said...

Is that 3 o'clock.... or half past nine if it is upside down? :-) Or it might be nine o'clock or half past three :-)

My brother has a ceramic clock based on one out of persistence of time by Dahli - lovely piece of art... as a clock however it is flipping useless! You waste half and hour trying to figure out what the time might vaguely be pointing.

When I pointed this out he looked at me and said "Stop being so bloody practical and live a little" Fair point! :-)