Saturday, January 08, 2011

Million pound mud hut

Husband cooked dinner tonight. He did his speciality, Gary Rhodes' cottage pie with his own special twist. Delicious it was too. As it should be after it took him three hours to prepare ...

While he was doing that I wrote an article about building a mud hut and did my accounts for 2009-10. The latter took me all of 10 minutes including finding all my bank statements - my idea of filing is to thrust them into the desk and close it quickly before everything falls out - and putting them in order.

Mud hut or cob building is fascinating. Cob houses are literally made of mud with no bricks and no wooden framework. They've been built in Britain since before the 13th century and have recently come back into favour being very sustainable and eco-friendly. One modern architect-designed cob house, described as eco-luxury, recently sold for three-quarters of a million pounds.

Oh oh, hot flush alert!

The point I meant to make about my accounts is that I need to earn more money!

I handed my accounts over to my accountant (aka Husband) who submitted them to the Inland Revenue. They felt so sorry for me that they're giving me money. Which as I didn't pay them any is jolly kind.


Gledwood said...

I once saw an eco-house on one of those Channel 4 shows. It had a thatchy-style roof that disconcertingly was rather too easy to climb right up and on to the very top of the roof. Not exactly condusive to home security. Also if I remember right you couldn't open the windows as there was some bizarre type of inner air-circulation system which seemed really inconvenient to me. Like air-con in office buildings when it's boiling hot and you're not allowed to open the fucking windows in high summer!

What do you think of that nasty fraudster MP getting only 9 months. Do you think he should have been soundly spanked? I found some brilliant pictures from Malaysia/Singapore of rapist and child molesters' bums. Really makes me wanna rub some harsh, rough rock salt into those open wounds. I hate child molesters. Did you know one once tried to pick me up from a railway station? The bastard even knew my name, even though i'd never in my life set eyes on this kindly individual. I wish he had been caught and soundly whipped. You can read all about this chez moi. You know about the criminal justice system, do you think they ought to bring back whipping in British jails? Would it work as a good deterrent? I put a link in where you can see the spanking, but it's not on my main blog as it's pretty gruesome. Not too gruesome for a rapist in my view. Sorry to lower the tone on your mud pies post, I'm just very upset with these MPs and rapists.

Did you know mud pies never involved chocolate until our current luxurious society. People ate mud to fill their stomachs. To this day they still make them in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Puss-in-Boots said...

No, no Liz, not hot flush...a power surge! Much more intoxicating.

Isn't it amazing how buildings/houses what would have been called a crude mud hut, now sell for so much? Go figure...

Happy New Year to you and your family, Liz.

nick said...

Mud and straw is apparently excellent insulation, much better than modern-day bricks and breeze blocks. We think contemporary building methods are advanced but they're actually quite primitive.