Thursday, December 16, 2010

Will Christmas come early? Or will snow delay it?

Girlfriend flies home to Italy on Sunday and she took us out for a meal last night. She waitresses in a local Italian restaurant called Topo Gigio. It's been in the city for as long as I can remember but we'd never eaten there before, but it was lovely. We had a delicious meal and a lovely evening.

The plan is for all the family to come home this weekend so we can celebrate Christmas together before Girlfriend leaves but Husband is a gloom and doom merchant constantly telling me about the snow storms that are approaching and that may prevent Daughter and Elder Son coming home. Or worse may stop or delay Girlfriend's journey or flight. She only has a week at home because of work and uni commitments so she doesn't want to miss any of it.

And she's not very lucky with travel: last summer she missed her best friend's hen party because of the ash cloud.


Leslie: said...

I sure hope it all works out positively for all concerned. But whatever happens, I'm sure you will all make the best of it and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. :)

Rose said...

I hope the snow holds off so that you can all celebrate Christmas together, Liz. I can remember a couple of Christmases when weather changed our plans, but we managed to have a late get-together after all. I'm sure Girlfriend's family is anxious to see her, so I especially hope that her flight isn't delayed.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Our predicted huge snowfall has , so far , resulted in a teacupful . I hope yours is the same and she gets off on time .

Furtheron said...

Yep - I'm on the weather watch - I was planning to drive to Aberystwyth on Saturday but that is looking a bad idea so delayed until at least Sunday... maybe Monday... Mrs F is panicking we won't get him back for Christmas... my life won't be worth living if I fail in that quest!