Friday, December 17, 2010

Big tongue syndrome

As part of Zac's carol service I told the shepherds' story again. Unfortunately:
1. I was sitting next to Gerry;
2. he'd had an argument with someone and was in a mood.

So my first bit of reading was done to the accompaniment of effing grumbling. I was quite pleased as I only lost my thread once or twice but then I had big tongue syndrome.

You know the sort of thing, when it feels as if your tongue has filled your mouth and you can't swallow. (What do you mean you've never had that? Everyone gets it, don't they?) For what felt like half an hour but was probably only 10 seconds I couldn't speak. Eventually my tongue returned to normal and I could continue and I'm hoping it just seemed like one of those dramatic pauses that Neil liked so much when I told the story to the elderly.

Later on I was in conversation with Blossum when he suddenly said, 'You're not really here, are you? Go home and get some sleep.'

Good advice.

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BanksyBoy said...

Thanks for the analysis of Big Tongue Syndrome, or BTS, I know it only too well and now I can self diagnose even more! Px