Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things not to say to your wife No. 723

I did one of those Facebook quizzes to find out my Native American name and discovered it was something long and complicated that meant 'flower plucking chicken soaring hawk' or something like that. I was telling Husband about this as we set off on our walk this afternoon. His first comment was, 'Chickens don't soar; they cluck and waddle.'

A few moments passed before Husband, who was walking behind me, continued saying, 'They got that bit right then.'

It wasn't until we were nearly home, an hour or so later, that it struck me: chickens don't waddle; that's ducks.


Leslie: said...

Didn't you say it meant a FLOWER plucking a chicken? Husband got it wrong wrong wrong! You are definitely a flower, Liz! :D

nick said...

I think I need a Native American name that means "Sprawled On Sofa Doing Nothing In Particular Wondering If Toenails Need Clipping".

Devonshire Dumpling said...

I think the native American name means, "often goes out walking with her current husband" (you can remind him of his new title!)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Was that hour before you got home filled with domestic chitchat , light banter or stony silence ?