Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bramble or nettle? You choose

If you had to be attacked would you rather it be a bramble or a nettle?

It's a question I've been facing a lot recently as I'm refusing to change to long trousers until I absolutely have to, and dog-walking paths are at the beginning-to-be-overgrown stage. And there's no question in my mind: it has to be brambles every time.

Brambles are very up-front and aggressive. 'Don't mess with me, baby!' They reach out, grab and scram you viciously, making you scream, 'Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!' Nettles on the other hand lull you into a false sense of security as they waft daintily in the breeze before brushing casually against your leg. 'Oh, ah, ee, oh, oh, ah, ee, ee, ee.' The stinging is underhand and the effect gradually works its way throughout your body, shiver-inducingly. For ages you'll be walking along moaning softly to yourself.

And they don't leave any trace that's how sneaky nettles are. Brambles at least leave a good manly scar that you can take pride in. You definitely know you've been brambled. But nettles, huh.


SDCrafts said...

Mm, tis a hard I no longer contemplate on a regular basis...given I had to, well, long trousers strikes me as something to change into for the walks and strip off once back home again. What does George think?

Gledwood said...

Brambles give blackberries; blackberries make a lovely crumble - hot with vanilla ice cream. Yummyyumyum!

Gledwood said...

... then again, don't nettles make wine?

... then again, so do blackberries. My stepdad got famously drunk on blackberry wine one night when I was little, hahahahahah!

Leslie: said...

Oooh, I totally agree and at least if you look, you can see them. Nettles are sneaky and underhanded and you suffer a lot longer!

Furtheron said...

Bramble easy - nettles hurt for longer

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Brambles are nasty .... and yes Nettles give you the feeling you describe .. OH , ah , ee, oh etc.. I went walking and got into a load of nettles, but found the dock leaves .. rubbed them on my skin and it went away.. normally where there are nettles, there are dock leaves, and in MY findings, they take away the pain. Learnt that at a very young age.