Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm turning into my granny

One of Betty's back tyres was looking flat so I drove into the garage and pulled up at the air machine. I was just wondering why it said it needed tokens when I realised it was a vacuum cleaner.

I drove a bit further on to the next pump thing and was about to get out when I read that this was a power wash machine.

I drove back round to the entrance of the garage and began again.

Only to find that I needed 50p for the air machine. I object to paying for air - and I didn't have any money - so gave up and went to another garage.

Straight to the air machine this time. Noticed I had to press the button to make it start and all was going well - until I tried to read the gauge.

Stopped putting air in tyres, stood up, went and got my glasses from the car and tried again.

At this point the man - good-looking as it happened - who was waiting in his sports car got out and walked up to me. 'Are you all right? Can you manage?' He only needed to add 'dear,' for me to have become my granny good and proper.
'Yes, thanks,' I smiled sweetly. 'I'm fine,' muttering under my breath, 'I just can't read this sodding thing!'

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Leslie: said...

Isn't that annoying to have to pay for air! My local garage checks my tires & puts the air in for me, but once I pulled in to another garage and couldn't figure out why the blasted thing wouldn't work. Then I noticed it cost $1.00 - well, I pulled out and kept on going to my own garage. Why is it that some charge and some don't???