Sunday, July 04, 2010

George, the bird and the flower-pot

If you recall, we took George to see a doggy therapist when he was younger. Part of his problem she put down to boredom and suggested making his meal-times longer and more interesting by scattering his food around the place. (He has dry food so it's easy to do.)

Well, we've done that ever since, sometimes throwing it around the garden, other times just around the courtyard.

Yesterday we were watching him eat his food in the courtyard when a blackbird darted behind a flower-pot, Mission Impossible style. He emerged the other side, ran forward, grabbed a nugget and dashed behind the pot again.
Husband said he'd seen him do the same thing in the morning, and had, in fact, alerted George to the fact that his breakfast was being stolen. What was so funny about the evening repeat performance was the way the bird snuck up behind the flower-pot.

George remained blissfully unaware and it seemed harsh to tell tales on such an enterprising creature.

By the way, I notice the bird in my drawing, if to scale, would be roughly the size of an albatross. It was only a little, probably young, blackbird.


Leslie: said...


NitWit1 said...

I guess the birdbrain wins over the dog brain.

I am constantly amazed how Luckie can be so intgelligent one minute and so dumb the next.

It is probably me not being able to think like adog.

Liz said...

It was, leslie, and he keeps coming back!

George was too intent on eating, nitwit.

Furtheron said...

You've got to video this... £250 easy from Harry Hill surely :-)

Rose said...

George is just being generous, sharing his breakfast with others less fortunate. Sophie doesn't mind sharing her food with the cats; of course, she's always stealing their food anyway:) I've been trying to figure out why cat food must be more appetizing.

CherryPie said...

I think George secretly enjoyed sharing his food ;-)