Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Blood pressure, belly dancing and baking

I saw the nurse this morning and she checked my blood pressure: it was very low. 'You don't want to let it get any lower.' Her suggested remedy is to drink lots of liquids.

And she gave me the form to take to the path lab for a cholesterol test. It routinely includes a blood sugar test so I have to fast before it. So you know what's going to happen, don't you?

Last time I had my cholesterol tested, I was just coming round again, when the little man left in charge of looking after me, said, 'Did you have breakfast?'
'That's the problem then.'
'But I wasn't allowed to!'

And let's face it, breakfast or lack of is hardly likely to make much difference to the woman who almost passed out last time she went to the optician's.

Straight from the nurse to slimming class where I was Slimmer of the Week again! Yes, you may applaud! I was joint SotW as two others had each lost 2lbs as well.

Instead of our usual warm-up exercise routine we did some belly dancing. I don't have so much belly but I still have the boobs and bum for it. (Which reminds me: I found a bug crawling around inside my bra yesterday, and before anyone else says it, no, he didn't have a lot of room in there.) A little shimmy here and a little shimmy there, a pelvic thrust and 'NO sniggering!'

Then back home to start baking. As we've got raspberries in the garden I decided it would be raspberry and white chocolate muffins for Zac's tonight.
We've got a really good crop of raspberries which is just as well as we have a dog who likes to graze on them. George is of the opinion that any raspberries within his reach are his.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well done on getting it checked.. yes mine is very very low too! I cannot drink anymore liquids, .. do my utmost now.

Just out of curiosty, how much do you weigh.. you can send me private message through face book if you like. I need to tone up not lose weight!

But these past few days not been out, only to the shops down the road. Got work men about so someone needs to be here.

Leslie: said...

I had my bp checked yesterday and it was perfect! 120/80 ... I have it checked about every 3 months because I'm on meds for high bp. Considering all the stress here lately, I'm very happy with the results. Now to slim down...my excuse is my bad back - and I'm sticking to that! lol

Gledwood said...

Your Bakery Experiences look wondrous...

... you don't happen to know what some Turkish or Greek things my surly local shop who barely speak English sell... they look like bread rolls only break one open and amazing spicy veg is inside!

Liz I'm getting a job as a pop star!
I've penned my first hit already and would be ever so grateful if you could drop by and give your opinion :-)


All the best to you and Georgie-Porgie


NitWit1 said...

I really get annoyed with a condition related to fasting shows up and you are fussed at by medical personnel for a condition that resulted from some order of their ancillary cohorts.

The raspberry muffins look great.

And CONGRATS on weight loss, whatever it is. I know it is difficult.

Furtheron said...

The woman bakes Raspberry and Chocolate muffins and does belly dancing... your husband is the luckiest man alive - I hope he knows it!

Rose said...

I hate having my blood tested for cholesterol just because of the fasting. They ought to provide juice and a snack immediately afterwards.

Congratulations on the weight loss! But how do you do it when you're always baking all these goodies? I wouldn't be able to resist those raspberry muffins.

CherryPie said...

Those muffins look delicious :-)