Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Yes, definitely worth it


Gledwood said...

As Flapper, my adopted wood pigeon, would say:


Gledwood said...

Word verification: pordly.

Does it know I call Flapper "portly"..??!? How on earth do they know to cross-refer like that??!?

Leslie: said...

What a beautiful dolly! Such perfect porcelain skin!

CalumCarr said...

How could you EVER consider not going?

Liz said...

Google was invented by a master race that knows everything, gledwood.

Thank you, leslie!

Indeed, calum! Impossible.

Trubes said...

She is just too lovely for words Liz, and I love the hat, very chic!
I can really understand you driving all that way, just to see such a littlle poppet.
I'm missing my two Grandchildren, Molly aged 6 and Freddie aged 4. They live in Bramley, Surrey, and because of my slipped discs etc, I am not able to make such a long car journey at present.
Nevermind, we have our other two gorgeous 'petals', Olivia aged 4 and Christian aged just over one, living just down the road.
But, oh how I miss the other two!


MissKris said...

Now, THIS is what life is all about! And how fast they grow.