Thursday, June 10, 2010


Jonathan has accused me of being posh.

I suppose in Swansea terms, the facts that I come from Mumbles, live in Derwen Fawr and say ears instead of years for the things you hear with, makes me posher than some. But to the English I'm a common Welsh girl.

It's all a matter of what you're used to. When I was growing up in Mumbles I thought people who lived in Derwen Fawr were really posh. Now I know they're not.

Anyway, as I said to Jonathan, 'Would I mix with people like you if I were posh?'!!


Gledwood said...

You think George is exercising enthusiastically off the lead, when he pings off; but perhaps he's simply running away, pretending not to be with you and burying his nose in shame when you say, "Tally-ho, George! Oh do let's bring Veuve Cliquot (or whatever it's called) and caviar to the hunt ball! Where's Jemima??! And OK-yar, George. Come back. Come back I say!! We're orff home in a jiffy!"

Furtheron said...

He is called Jonathan and he calls you posh :-)

Gledwood said...

Hang on a sec, Liz: you're from Mumbles and you do have rather a posh voice, as I seem to recall... Am I right? If so, how did that happen? Did you spend lots of time across the Border in times past?? Or are you just a born member of the haute-bourgeoisie or even what the Germans call die Oberklasse??