Saturday, June 19, 2010

Packing for North Wales

Right, I've packed a fleece, boots, socks and woolly jumpers; I've also packed shorts, t-shirts, sandals and swimming costume. I think I've covered all eventualities.

I am going to put Wales' horrific defeat by the All Blacks behind me and forget all about it. Instead I'll look forward to a week with GrandDaughter plus a Paul McCartney concert next Saturday. Mm, yes, that'll do nicely.

Hope you all have a great week!


CherryPie said...

You forgot the kitchen sink ;-)

Furtheron said...

Have a great holiday... I hope you've taken plenty of things to do while you sit inside waiting for the rain to stop :-)

Gledwood said...


Anonymous said...

I remember you had a lovely holiday up here last year so hope you all have a wonderful time.
Wendy (Wales)

NitWit1 said...

Hope you have a lovely time with granddaughter, etc. Rain or shine, I bet you don't care and looks like you are prepared for any eventuality!

Dr. Stu said...

Should you happen go go up Snowdon, please take a GPS with you (or borrow one) and measure the exact longitude,latitude and altitude of the summit for me and mail me the results. Oh, and
photograph yourself doing so.

This is part of an ongoing amateur attempt to establish the accuracy of GPSs, there are 26 such amateur measurements already :-)

Gledwood said...

Wishing you a trotterdonkey time, Elizabeth!!

If you do go up Snowdon, take my advice ~ that ornamental railway is far less effort, and you can have a fag as you ride!


Anonymous said...

would that be an American fag, or a British one?
In dubio pro reo ;-)

katney said...

I have the same problem in planning what to pack for Scotland, and to add in the fact that we will be flying and have to check bags. It's only a month away and I have so much else to do between now and then.

Dr. Stu, I don't knwo if we will go to Snowdon when we go to Wales after Scotland, but the GPS would take up precious space in the suitcase or I would bring it.

Dr.Stu said...

Here are some beautiful photos about hillwalking. Enjoy!

mrsnesbitt said...

Have a great time! Don't worry about me - no no, you go I'll do ALL the weeding! lol!

Gledwood said...

hope you're having a pleasant time up there

Crushed said...

I notice you commented on a post recently at the Lord High Illumatus blog. You mentioned it was over your head.

I'll translate it. It means the guy is a frothing lunatic who believes the Devil is actually a real entity and opposes anything decent in the world because he's a closet Nazi raving lunatic conspiracy theorist and repressed homosexual.

Glad to be of help :)

Liz said...

I knew I'd forgotten something, cherrypie!

Nah nah, we had sunshine all week, furtheron!

We did , thank you, Wendy and nitwit.

I didn't read this before I went, stu, but if I say, 'Flipping high' is that accurate enough for you?

We walked, Gledwood!

I was so glad I could take whatever and just fill the car, katney!

Hope that weeding is all done now, denise!

Thank you, crushed.