Sunday, June 27, 2010

On a clear day

We've had a fabulous holiday! Beautiful weather in gorgeous countryside with most of my wonderful family. Holidays don't get any better.

Last year, if you recall, we walked up Snowdon but by the time we reached the top the mist had come down and we could barely see yards in front of us. This year, when the summit of the highest mountain in Wales appeared bright and clear I said, 'Come on, we're doing it again.'
We took a different route from last time: slightly longer but with fewer very steep bits. And it was closer to where we were staying. According to the information board at in the car park, the walk is 8 miles (there and back) and the ascent is 936 metres. This is a very rough approximation of our route as you can't see the bits round the bends.
George and Holly accompanied us (Husband, Son-in-law, Elder Son and Daughter-in-law) and we were amazed to find that the majority of the mountain streams were dry. We only came across a couple that had a bit of muddy water, which the dogs sank into gratefully.
We didn't take the train! Although I was tempted to take it back down ... but I didn't.
Yay! At the top!
It took us 2 and a half hours to walk up and 2 to walk back down. To keep me going I ate a Wispa chocolate bar halfway up, followed by a cream slice at the top, rounded off with a flapjack on the journey back. I needed the instant calories you see.


katney said...

Being accustomed to start hiking at the elevation you reached, I must say, I never get to the top of a mountain and that is something I would like very much.

Leslie: said...

George looks more pooped than you! Congrats...wish I could do that.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Wot? No GPS? :-(

sally in norfolk said...

sounds fantastic.... a walk i have done often but not for many many years ..well done !

Gledwood said...

Hey Liz did those Welsh phrases come in handy at all?

Liz said...

There are plenty of hills to climb in scotland too, katney!

He was pretty worn out, leslie.

I didn't get the message until I got back, stu. By the way, what is GPS?

It's great to get to the top, sally.

I used them all on at least one occasion, gledwood!