Thursday, April 08, 2010

Zac's reprise

I was so discombobulated by the massage that I forgot to talk about the most important things in the bible study.

We're continuing to look at Acts and the life of the very early church. On Tuesday we read the bit where people are appointed to be in charge of making sure everyone gets a fair share of the food. It specified that those that 'wait on table' had to be 'full of the Spirit and wisdom'.

Every week Di and now Lisa take up position behind the bar in Zac's to serve tea and coffee. They are women both full of God and wisdom.

It's often the speakers, the leaders, the up-the-front people who are regarded by us as important, so it's good to remember that in God's world, the ones who serve quietly behind the scenes are every bit as vital.

P.S. I don't want you thinking that in Zac's tea-making is regarded as women's work: we're just better at it! (And to be fair the boys do lend a hand but they're better at bins!)

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