Thursday, April 08, 2010

Reasons to walk slowly, part 1

We were walking through the woods when Husband said, 'We should walk slower.'
'So we'd live longer.'

I looked at him. 'Why would we live longer if walked more slowly?'
'Because animals that walk slowly live longer.'
'Animals such as?'
'Giant tortoise.'
'I thought they were extinct.'
'Elephant then.'
'So you're basing your theory on one animal?'
'And the humming-bird. It doesn't live long.'

I'm not convinced.


Anonymous said...

I am sure he is right. Look at sloths for example. Live more or less forever...

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hmmm... Hubby may have something there.

Leslie: said... ARE looking forward to spending more time with him when he retires, right? lol

Furtheron said...

He is right - it's to do with heartbeats... small animals have high heart rates, bigger slower ones lower... I think that the average age of most mamals can be pretty much predicted based on the heart rate of the animal... However I think humans already massively out live that generally because of our healthcare, diet etc. I think it is early 40s otherwise... in which case I'm already past my use by date.

Thing is doctors tell you to exercise to elongate your life but that makes the heart beat quicker... surely best thing would be to lie in bed all day... wouldn't it?

Lia said...

Your husband is a nutter!!!!!!!
A nice one I suspect, but a nutter all the same.

much love

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

No , you wouldn't live any longer . It would just ... seem ... like .

Ole Phat Stu said...

Why would someone who is a professed religious person, with all the hope of getting to heaven which that encurs, want to put it off for even a single day ? ;-)

Hmmm, maybe the suicide bombers have something going there, although I'm not sure what having 71 virgins (all of whom may be Xian nuns) would be any good for them, considering they'd be in a 1000 pieces ;-)