Friday, April 02, 2010

Where's the superglue?

Remember Husband was cutting down trees last week? Well, it was fine; the trunk didn't land on the greenhouse or on me. However ...

We got back from Devon yesterday to discover that another trunk, one that had been previously supported and protected by others, had fallen down. Right across our path and, more importantly, blocking in Betty Beetle.

Fortunately it didn't actually fall on Betty. Now that would have meant trouble for Husband.

What were you saying about supergluing Husband before he did any serious harm?


Anonymous said...

You could probably superglue the tree back up? I havent tried this - but it does sound possible...(word verification is imend...!)

jay said...

OOOPS!! Fortunate that it didn't land on Betty! I doubt she'd have liked that much! LOL!

jams o donnell said...

You could lpock him under the stairs with a bowl of water... likr the not wife does when I have a notion to do maintenance!

Anonymous said...

I told you!!! ;0)

Liz said...

No, we wanted it to be gone, mutts, but not like that.

She would not have, jay!

Good thinking, jams. Trouble is then the house would fall apart completely! He does have his uses!

I know, I know, amanda!