Friday, April 02, 2010

Lenten thanks 45

It's absolutely ridiculous; there's no sense to it. How can there be something, a being, so huge he can hold stars in his hands? And how can this same being know how many hairs I have on my head? Why would he engrave my name on his hand? How can he be outside everything yet living in me? How can he be one God yet be three but is still one? And what's with this he was here before time and will be here in the future and is, in fact, here right now? And he's in Japan as well as in Swansea, and in Mexico and in Russia? And if he's so wonderful why doesn't he stop child abuse and earthquakes? And, oh, it's all such nonsense.

Eternal, immortal, omnipotent, omniscient. It's just too much.

It's absolutely ridiculous; there's no sense to it. That a being so huge he can hold stars in his hand would become man and die a horrendous death on a cross. For me.

I know how stupid it sounds ... and I'm glad. Thankful that it isn't sensible and logical, that it doesn't make sense. That the message is for all, not just the wise who can understand and explain and find an answer for everything. It's for the simple who still know how to trust and for whom faith is enough. For those who see love in action and are grateful for it, thankful that it doesn't exclude them.

It's not about taking out your brain and leaving it to one side: it's about questioning and not finding satisfying answers but knowing the assurance of love, a love that doesn't give up, and coming to the conclusion that it's for you.

Thank you, Jesus, for taking my sin to the cross with you.

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Rose said...

A perfect thanks for this Good Friday, Liz.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter! I imagine you'll make sure the Easter Bunny finds his way to Granddaughter's house:)