Monday, March 22, 2010

Lenten thanks 34

I am really grateful for people who commit to things - and then stick to it! People I can rely on like Janet and Di, who do what they say they will.

It's increasingly rare these days it seems. Even in church, getting people to commit - and hang on in there when something that appears more interesting comes along - is hard. Someone once told me to never expect anything of anyone because then 'you won't be disappointed.' That is such a disconnected way of looking at life - I was going to say cynical but the person who suggested it was an elderly and very sweet lady without an ounce of cynicism in her - and one that goes against my nature.

I am trusting (probably too trusting). I believe what people say to me. I assume they're going to tell me the truth. And I expect people who say they'll do something do flipping well do it.

(Sorry, I'm trying to put a rota together and, as I wrote on Facebook, I might as well cut out the middle man and go straight to banging my head on a brick wall.)


Mike Tea said...


I baked a fruit pie on the weekend. Don't be too impressed, it came out of a box. But the point is that on the instructions it told me to bake it in the middle of the oven at 190 degrees for 35 minutes. Then it said, "Turn the pie half way through cooking to brown it evenly", after which it said in brackets "(turn the pie around on the baking tray, not upside down)"

Clearly they had received a letter and the lesson I take from this is simply don't expect too much of people. Cynicism aside I think your friend is right and maybe you should just go find that wall and...well you know.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Good luck with the rota ! Don't take up head banging ..... make another cup of tea .

Anonymous said...

I work with volunteers as you know - bloody people trying to help the community. Except not on thursday at 10.00...

James Higham said...

Always the way, Liz. People always let one down.