Sunday, March 21, 2010

Husband of mine

Husband was telling me about his walk yesterday with George. 'There must have been a race for young girls going on,' he said.
'Young? Children do you mean?'
'No, in their twenties I would think.'

However it is possible he could be wrong about their age. 'I saw the first runner,' he said, 'and thought what a muscular chest he had.'
'He had?'
'Yes, it wasn't until I saw the others that I realised he was a girl.'
'Oh dear.'
'It wasn't my fault: they were all thin and had no chests to speak of. Except for one who had big boobs. And I don't know what she was wearing but she wasn't jiggling at all.'
'You paid close attention to her chest then?'
'Well, yes. I was thinking about asking her what bra she was wearing; I thought you could do with one.'


Lia said...

Oh dear!!!!
Liz what are you going to do to your poor husband?

Which comment are you laughing?mad at the most.
The I WAS going to ask her.
I thought YOU could do with one.

There is still room under my patio for bodies if you need a space.

much love

nick said...

He was going to ask her what bra she was wearing? That's very brave. He'd either be taken for a pervert or given a mouthful of abuse. As for his rather less than romantic reference to yourself....

Leslie: said...

At least he's still aware of your chest! lol

CalumCarr said...

A very considerate man, your husband!

Always thinking of your best interests.

The Fairweather Blogger said...

I'd be more worried at the fact that he was admiring a 'man's firm chest', but, speaking as a man, I can find nothing else wrong in that particular conversation.

He sounds like a very observant and considerate husband.


Furtheron said...

I've said it before Liz - your man is a legend! I would definitely subscribe if he set up "how to be a great husband" web site with daily tips like these... :-)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

There's usually a moment when even the most obtuse stop !!

Gledwood said...


Liz said...

I'll bear that space in mind, lia, thank you!

She was probably going too fast for him anyway, nick.

Oh he is that, leslie!

That's what he said too, calum.

Considerate is one word for him, gary.

I've told him he should consider it, furtheron.

Not when it comes to Husband, s&s!

Indeed, gledwood.

Anonymous said...

I wonder that there are no photographs available to illustrate this post - most odd. If you need any do let me know...