Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lenten thanks 5

For blogging friends, some of whom I've met, like jmb and Leslie in Vancouverand Shirl and Welshcakes in Bristol.
I've also met up with Suburbia and soon hope to get together with Devonshire Dumpling - whose birthday it is today.
Happy birthday, DD!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

So great when you meet people through blogging :-)

My friends from Paris are coming over in May, to London, so we are meeting up :-)

Leslie: said...

I've met some of my blogging friends, too, and it's so exciting! I'm hoping to meet Shirl and Pat some day as well as others AND meet up with you again when we do a house exchange with my friends Jane and Don who live in Newport.

Devonshire Dumpling said...

You are so lucky to have met some blogging friends and yes we must meet up before too long en route to somewhere. Thank you so much for my Birthday card too(my first one in years!)

Gledwood said...

Oh wow! I thought JMB was a white dog! And Welshcakes Limoncello, the lady with the funkiest handle in bloggerdom ... I had no idea she ever ventured out of Sicily, UK-side. Good on ya, Liz!

PS I hope George has been misbehaving magnificently as per usual. More exploits please!!


Lia said...

How wonderful getting to meet other bloggers, what an exciting adventure.

I really should get myself on a road trip and met some of them.

Much love

jmb said...

That was fun, wasn't it? I love to meet fellow bloggers and my online friends in person too.

Lady Mac is planning a return visit to Vancouver this summer, along with her new family and I look forward to that.

CherryPie said...

I agree with DD, I would love to meet some of my Blog friends :-)