Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year resolutions

Dumpling has written a thoughtful post about New Year resolutions that got me thinking while I was out with George. (The first proper walk in the woods he and I have been on for ages.)

When I was little I made the same resolutions every year: give up biting my nails and stop being shy. I still bite my nails and am shy, although not so cripplingly, so they weren't the most successful of resolutions.

What shall I resolve this year I pondered as I wandered. (Do you like that? Poetic?)

My first thought was that I shall resolve to lose weight.

No, I shall only make resolutions I can type without laughing. So I'll resolve to become a best-selling ... no good, I can't get as far as author without giggling.

What about 'I'll be a nicer and less selfish person'? Well, I got to the end but that's a bit worthy. I know 'I'll be nice to Chris in work.' But he won't be nice to me and I'm not going to be nice to him if he's not nice to me so that's not a good one. Looks like I'm left with 'I'll be nice to Jonathan in Zac's.' No, wait, a resolution should at least be achievable ...

Guess I'll just have to resolve to continue to be as gorgeous and talented and wonderful as I already am. That'll be easy then.


Furtheron said...

easy indeed

I don't do resolutions anymore after I read somewhere about how demotivating they were... i.e. how most people don't keep to them and don't feel good about themselves.

Leslie: said...

sounds like my kind of resolution, too, but I will "try" to lose a bit more weight for the upcoming nuptials.

Rose said...

Those are excellent resolutions, Liz:) I'm either an optimist or a fool, but I make the same resolutions every January--eat healthier and exercise regularly, i.e., lose weight. And at the end of every year I wonder why I didn't keep them.

Best wishes to you and your family for a Happy New Year!

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