Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kitchen update

Well, it's nearly finished. The man's coming this afternoon or tomorrow to fit the final tiny piece of granite and Husband is currently repainting the kitchen.

Re-painting, yes. I decided I wasn't sure about the first colour so we're changing it. (And don't tell him but I'm not absolutely certain about this one either. No, I'm sure it'll be fine. You see the problem is that when the paint-mixer-man was mixing the paint for us, some of the tint went over the edge of the tin, which suggests to me that the colour inside isn't as dark as it should be. I should have said something at the time but I was being terribly British and didn't want to cause a fuss. So it's just that underlying suspicion that is causing me concern rather than the actual colour that is going on the walls. So, yes, it'll be fine. Won't it?) Husband is used to my little foibles; I can't tell you how many walls he's had to repaint over the years as I've changed my mind. He has come to expect it.

Then there are the lights to fit, the blind to put up and ... oh, that might be all.

Then it will be time to start on the bathroom ...

But I'm having a relaxing day today, the first real one of the holiday. I'm doing my jigsaw and nothing else. Except walking George in the pouring rain. But I have new wellies so we can splish splash through the puddles.

P.S. You'll be as pleased as Husband is to know that I do like the new colour.