Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meet Mouse

The reason Husband went to Stoke two days before Christmas. (Mouse is her/his temporary name as we can't agree.) And I thought he'd got over his midlife crisis with the Porsche.
No, the reasons we've bought a mini are:
1) it's economical to run;
2) it has cheap insurance and road tax;
3) it has very low emissions;
4) it's FUNKY!

I drove her today for the first time. She has six, yes 6, gears. I never found use for 5, but she tells you when to change gear. Which is rather useful as I'm often not sure what gear I'm in. Except I now have to look at the rev counter/gear changer instructor and keep an eye on my speed as well as still watching the road. Which is a bit too much, don't you think?

She also switches off the engine when we stop, at traffic lights for instance. As someone who's used to panicking when Betty Beetle does that, I found it a bit unnerving until I got used to it. Now I rush to red traffic lights just so I can demonstrate to Husband how it's done: he hasn't got the knack of it yet.

The big question: will George fit in the boot? We're going to find out this afternoon when we take him to the beach.


Leslie: said...

I WANT ONE!!! Lucky you! :D

CalumCarr said...

C'mon Liz, let us know what the 2 name options are?

Anonymous said...

lucky you I love mini's!!

my first car was a mini - infact it belonged to my Grandad, who thought I should have it (me being the youngest of 7 grandchildren and only one without a car) My Dad and I painstakingly got the car in working order (it had been in my grandad's garage for 3 years and not driven!) Mini's are fun to drive - I was going to get one but I had a baby instead! ;0)


CherryPie said...

Mouse looks cute :-) Did George fit?

Furtheron said...

Don't show the Mrs or my daughter they both have wanted red mini's for ages... lucky you

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