Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grumpy old bat

It was wet round the cliffs today but we like it like that: no Sunday walkers. In fact the only people we saw were boys doing their Duke of Edinburgh award. How do you like that? What I do for fun, they get an award for doing! Well, I suppose they do a bit extra as well.
But flipping heck, as I was leaving the car park I read the parking sign and discovered that Swansea Council has decided to charge for parking all year round now. It's a good job I didn't look before or I'd have felt obliged to pay. And there were only about four cars there. And the only people who use the car park most of the winter, especially in the rain, are dog-walkers. It's dogownerism, that's what it is.
I think I'm turning into a grumpy old woman ...


Gledwood said...

I remember arriving at our "destination" in a steamed-up car many a time in years past and just NOT WANTING TO GET OUT into the inconvenient damp cold!!

CherryPie said...

Miserable council charging in the winter!

Linda - Gold Coast said...

I cannot believe car parking charges in the UK. Everywhere you go you are now charged. One year we were just above to leave Haworth in Yorkshire. Shops were still closed, I think it was about 8.45 am and I wanted to see if the Information Centre had opened. We parked in the car park a few minutes walk away. Thankfully DH stayed in the car - may I add we were the only car in the car park. Centre was closed so I walked back to the car only to see a van blocking my DH from getting out, yes it was a car park warden, we explained the situation but he threatened us with a fine if we didn't buy a ticket. Yes we did buy a ticket but it really left a sour taste in our mouths as we had spent quite a lot of money in Haworth for accommodation, meals, gifts etc and he was making such a song and dance about paying 30 pence to park for a few minutes. He also knew we were visiting from overseas. Sorry Liz rant over gorgeous shot and shame on the council for their miserly attitude.
Linda aka Grupmy old woman

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Definitely dogownerism.

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