Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And while I'm about it ...

Anne pointed out - and several people agreed - that not all PO counter assistants are grumpy. I apologise for my generalisation and I'm sure you were lovely, Anne, when you ran a post office. To be fair, the ladies who've recently taken over one of the little post offices near us are great too.

But I stick to my belief that doctors' receptionists get special training to put people off visiting the doctor.

And while I'm in a grumbly mood I'll tell you about the letter I received yesterday from Eon, the electricity company. They said they're working with Age Concern to keep old people warm in winter and would I like to change to them. They even offered me a choice of free gift if I did so.

Choose from: motorised zimmer frame; stair-lift; walk-in bath.


Anna said...

I agree with you on doctor's receptionists. Does anyone know a cheery one?

Martin the postman was working behind the counter in the PO in Mumbles last time we were there.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Doctors (here) have a limited Health Service budget, so they and their staff find themselves having to say NO, refusing people (expensive) treatments.

This fundamentally contradicts their mission in life, leaving them frustrated and hence grumpy.

That's my explanation. The staff may not even be aware of the contradiction themselves.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Thank you Liz :-) i accept .

I do agree with you though, the majority are grumpy, as if you are putting them out.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Agree completely, it's the same here and what amazes me is their attitudes.

Furtheron said...

Anna, Liz - my wife tried hard when she had the job.

But the doctors do get fed up - i know she reckoned about 50% of appointments were the same people to be told - The best we can do is x or There is nothing we can do or You want another certificate to be off work... etc.

I'll speak up for my current ones - they are pretty friendly and helpful in most circumstances.

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