Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh George!

Ros, my Zac's friend who returned last autumn to Australia has acquired some puppies. She was lamenting on Facebook about their tendency to chew everything. I thought I'd encourage her with this photo: George is two next month and today he ate the sole of one of my best (only) sandals. He's been working his way through the laundry basket for some time. It provides regular roughage for him.

Speaking of George I must tell you what he did yesterday.

We went backwards on our walk. That is, we went the other way on one of our regular meanders. It's very discombobulating when we do that as a path that is normally as familiar as my backyard suddenly looks very different. It obviously affected George too.

At the top of the woods there is a rather nice holiday home. The gate is always open and George likes to pop in and check the barbecue and picnic table areas for left-over food. I've put a little arrow on the path to show the way we were going yesterday - the opposite way to usual.

George as normal did his recce and then, seeing me walking 'left', headed in that direction too. He ran around sussing out the garden and spotted the the closed gate. A quick investigation proved that it was, indeed, closed. Another run around followed.

The perimeter of the garden is fenced with large wire mesh, which is largely hidden by the bushes inside. Having failed to get out through the closed gate and ignoring my yells to 'go back the way you got in, you stupid dog!' he belted at full speed straight for the fence.

At first I thought he was going to try and jump it: 'George, I don't think that's a good idea!'

But nothing so daring for George. Whether he didn't see the mesh fence or he thought he could burst his way through it I don't know, but next minute it was BOOIINNGGG! as the rebound from the fence knocked him flat on his back.

You know, like one of those cartoons where the cat runs into a closed window.

I gave up and walked back on myself, calling George to follow me until he spotted the open gate and bounded out of it, wagging his tail gleefully.

I worry about him sometimes. But he is a great source of amusement.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I love Greorge! Just think of the mischief that he and Alex could get into if they were together.

Leslie: said...

ROTFLOL!!!! Wish I could have seen that!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you walked back on yourself or he'd be in there still!
Loved the picture of the laundry basket and sandal - looks like you need to get his next laundry basket lined up (and the other sandal).
Wendy (Wales)

CherryPie said...

LOL perhaps he is just a comedian ;-)

NitWit1 said...

George and Luckie would provide much entertainment.

Recently my vet and I discussed some of Luckie's perculiarities, like not wanting to be near water, much less in it. Vet thinks part of her abuse may have been her owner trying to drown her. She hates to be yelled out and will evacuate her bladder. We figured angry yelling may also been part of her abuse. She has an interesting scar, which she had when we adopted her.

The vet says dogs, have memories, of unpleansantries, just like we do. What is sad, they cannot tell us....I guess that is why she hates it when I take her to board. She thinks she is being abandoned again, even though we always pick her up

Mauigirl said...

ROTFL! That was hilarious. Our pets are endless sources of amusement. Diva dug under our fence and got stuck in the neighbor's yard (also fenced, thankfully) and couldn't get back under the way she went in. Husband had to around to their gate and get her!

jay said...

Ahahahahaha!! Another sandal-eater - and Sid is FIVE!! LOL!

Funny story about the fence. Poor George! I'm glad he was OK.

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