Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you lick?

Simple chocolate chunk cupcakes for the painters at Zac's tonight.

Husband came into the kitchen just as I was licking clean the bowl. 'That's something I've never wanted to do,' he said.
'Didn't your mum cook cakes when you were little?'
'Yes, but she told us not to eat the uncooked mixture.'

Therein lies the difference. I was brought up largely by my gran who gave me the bowl and spoon to lick as a treat. (We had simple treats in those days: a bowl to lick, a bar of Five Boys chocolate or sixpennorth of chips from Johnnies.)

Did you - do you still - lick the bowl?


Anonymous said...

I did and still do if the children don't get to it first!!

MissKris said...

I rarely ever bake any more but yes, I'll still lick the bowl even tho I can't taste it any more. Some habits never die. And why is it we never worried/worry about salmonella from the raw eggs? As disgusting as it sounds, we used to pinch off a small bite of raw ground beef if we saw it thawing on the counter when we were kids. Our dad did it...we kids followed suit. Now THAT one is a habit I killed off years ago, ha! Ewwww..sounds disgusting now!

Katney said...

Of course!

And hubby doesn't.

My licking once saved the day when I came home to find him making cookies for work. He had mistaken the beef soup base for the brown sugar. Yeech!

Leslie: said...

Of COURSE! And there's nothing better than uncooked shortbread cookie dough! lol

sally in norfolk said...

made blueberry muffins tonight and yes licked the bowl and spoon clean :-)

jmb said...

These look so yummy Liz, can I have one. I always got to lick the bowl when I was a kid too. I suppose in retrospect it could be classed as unwise since it contains raw eggs. Luckily we did not know it in those days.

Mauigirl said...

Yes, I did it when I was little. Now I probably would still do it if it was a mix that had the eggs already included but if I had added them raw I probably wouldn't. I know it's just paranoia (especially since I buy cage free organic eggs) but all that publicity about raw eggs and salmonella would discourage me from doing it anyway.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Yes. 6d for chips. And as I became a teenager, it changed to
sixpenneth of Jonnies from the chip shop ;-)

Liz said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who regularly risks death by licking!

Raw meat, kris? Yes, I'd draw the line at that too.

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