Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Generation Gap

Amongst the paperbacks in the earlier post is one called The Generation Gap. This started life as a series of articles published in a family magazine.

Daughter, who was about 16/17 at the time of writing, and I, who sometimes felt about 127, chose a different topic each month and wrote about it from our own perspectives. We didn't see what the other had written until we had both finished and we didn't allow ourselves to change anything.

I thought it might fun to replay some of the articles. I'm just putting a taster here and the rest will be on my bits that are too long blog. This episode we called Letters from the trenches

The mother's view
A battle is being waged in our house. Quite separate from the everyday rucks and mauls, this is a war of subtlety where the main tactic is Wearing Down the Resistance. ...

The daughter's view
And so began the Bleach War. ...