Thursday, November 06, 2008

I have had a brilliant day!

Remember I sent off some chapters from another ghost-written autobiography? Well, the editor at Hodder has asked to see all of it! (Minor problem in that it isn't written yet but I can deal with that.) We also spoke about the possibility of me being commissioned to write others. (And she mentioned that my Cop for Christ book has been republished with a new - and much improved - cover. I am very pleased about that as I never liked the previous one.)

And the photographer that I have been talking to about collaborating on a Gower book came to see me and he is very enthusiastic, very keen and full of ideas. We're hoping to meet up with a designer soon.

Okay, it's all non-fiction but it's paid-for writing.

I have had an acey pacey brilliant day. How was yours?


Anonymous said...

Oh thats really good :0)

My day was brilliant too, thanks for asking :0)

Leslie: said...

Oh! Congratulations, Liz! What brilliant news!
My day is just starting - off to get my eyes checked as I've been having difficulty focusing both distance and close-up. Might be time for new glasses!
Raining heavily today! Skies are grey! Typical November day...ick!
Cheers! :D

Dragonstar said...

That's wonderful! Well done!!!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

That is fantastic, Liz! Congratulations!

rob said...

woohoo - that sounds good!

The cover does look much better!! will have to get a new copy with the new cover

Suburbia said...

So pleased that you've had a brilliant day :)

Damon Lord said...

Congratulations! I would love to be in your position, paid to write. Well done!

My day was a bit of a lazy day. Hangover....

CherryPie said...

Oooh! Wow! wonderful news, well done :-)

Rose said...

Congratulations, Liz! My day was not nearly so brilliant, but I did get the refrigerator cleaned out.

I'll have to check out your "Bits" blog when I have a little more time; enjoyed the excerpt from The Generation Gap. Some days my kids make me feel 127, too:)

Furtheron said...

What a day for you.

Mine wasn't nearly as good - blood tests, work.... usual nonsense

sally in norfolk said...

I love it when people have such fantastic days x

Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations!! I'm very pleased for you - and it's always nice to hear about the successes!

Bill Haydon said...

Not as successful as yours! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by. Glad that I've joined Photo Hunt (finally). I discovered your site. Expect me to frequent it. I've read a few entries and I liked your writing. Have a great day!

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