Sunday, May 28, 2017

The one about the volcano and Raquel Welch

Lanzarote was created by volcanic eruptions at least 30 million years ago. The main volcanic area is a national park and the only way around it is by bus trip so my photos were taken through glass. That's my excuse for the poor quality.
 This very large crater (below) is almost barren. The temperature drops 20 degrees from day to night and very few life forms can survive such drastic changes.
The last volcanic eruptions happened in the 19th century and lasted for six years. Much of the island is very inhospitable lava field and the cliffs are weirdly eroded leading to some hollows and holes. I didn't get any dramatic photos from the holes as the tide was too gentle but did capture a good splash.
Lava field in front of a volcano

One of the most famous sights in Lanzarote is the green lagoon at El Golfo. It is worthy of fame on its own account but has the added attraction of being the site where Raquel Welch wandered around in a leather bikini in One Million Years BC.
The colour of the water derives from the microscopic algae living in the lagoon.

On the way back down the mountains we stopped to watch the camels. 
There were a lot of them but we didn't take a ride. I had this feeling that Younger Son and Nuora would probably not approve. And the camels just looked so bored and fed up.

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Nobody taking a ride , of course . I always made a child volunteer .