Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sometimes Husband gets an urge ...

and it just has to be satisfied.

To be fair, I'm the same: when I get the urge I have to have some too. And nothing else will do. Only chocolate does the trick.

But it's Husband's urges I'm talking about here and the problems it causes me. If there's nothing chocolatey in the house then he goes in search of the cooking chocolate. My cooking chocolate. The good quality dark chocolate I buy to have in the pantry ready for when I have to make brownies or choc chip cookies. The chocolate I now have to hide.

Don't get me wrong: I don't begrudge him chocolate but I do object to him stealing - yes, Husband, it is stealing - my cooking supplies.

You'd think the fact that I've hidden it would deter him, make him realise how wrong it is for him to be reduced to this, but nothing of the sort. Rather he takes it as a personal challenge. As a result - and because he kept finding my hidden stash - my hiding places are becoming more and more obscure. So obscure that I'm sometimes surprised when I unexpectedly come across a bar.

I just hope I don't die suddenly. The children when going through my effects (what a strange word) might be disturbed to find chocolate in my knicker drawer. (Note to Husband: I do NOT have chocolate in my knicker drawer.)

On the other hand, it might just make them laugh, at a sad time, to remember their loopy mum.


Leslie: said...

Does chocolate make one loopy? lol

Liz said...

Almost certainly, leslie!

katney said...

Usually I put things in a safe place. Unfortunately, I usually can't remember where the safe place was.