Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Packing for my hols!

Had my hair done this morning ready for my holiday and then walked over to the library. My intention was to return the book that is due back tomorrow and not borrow any more as I have another 3 ready to read ... but I couldn't help myself. 

Now I have 6 library books and 2 charity shop books to take on hols with me. I'll be all right if it rains at least.

I know people who will similarly prioritise their holiday packing. First the books then everything else will have to fit in around.

I suppose I should think about a kindle ...

* * * * * * * * * *
Walking through town is an incredibly depressing thing to do. More shops have closed down every time I go there. Even the charity shops are shutting up.

The one bright spot in Swansea seems to be Plymouth Street, which has a number of vaguely artisan shops and a cafe. Specialising must surely be the way forward for the city if it wants to attract shoppers back into the centre. If there were shops selling goods you couldn't get elsewhere, accompanied by quality food stores, delis and cafes, it may be possible to breathe new life into what is rapidly becoming the dying heart of the city.


Leslie: said...

Are the shops closing down because there are huge malls built now? We have that problem here. I do enjoy my village shops and if necessary, go into the city for other necessities.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Every town suffers , ours too , and they are trying a new concept , with POP up shops , just to see how they do. Each week we have a Pop up shop that sells one thing and so forth, ,, They only use the one shop , so that we get used to the place ,, so after a week , they POP DOWN again ,, and if the concept takes off they could stay for a more than a week, Did you understand this Liz.

Liz said...

Partly, yes, leslie, but also because of internet shopping.

Yes, Anne, I've heard about that. I don't think we've had any here yet.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Presumably you are one of the many who drive to a discounter/supermarkt built on cheap land on the outskirts of town?

If you want to keep the village shop, buy there. And not just the odd last-minute need.

The supermarket outside a nearby village killed off all but one of the husband-and-wife shops IN 5 nearby villages. Now the supermarket can raise its prices :-(