Monday, August 12, 2013

You'd think there was a God

A really good meeting in Linden yesterday morning. (I don't often say that!) It was straight and simple, a look at the 'Nazareth Manifesto', when Jesus declared himself to be the one who had come to set free the captives etc. His audience in the temple, fellow Nazarenes who would have seen him growing up, were skeptical. This wasn't what they expected of a Messiah. He wasn't supposed to be coming to look after the poor; he was coming to free them from the tyranny of Roman rule.

Yet Jesus's message remains as valid today as it did then. For me yesterday's talk was a reminder of the simplicity of it and a re-affirmation for my dreams.

The morning was made even better when a new-comer (who's actually an old-timer who moved away and has now returned) spoke to me afterwards about his involvement in a project with sex workers in Newport. He has a lot of experience and contacts and, what's more, enthusiasm for a similar project to begin in Swansea. Which ties in brilliantly with my thoughts. 

Isn't it amazing when 'coincidences' happen? Anyone might think there really was a God.

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There's an article on the Guardian website entitled The Gospel According to David Cameron.  In it David Cameron is quoted as saying, "what I think is so good about Jesus's teachings is there are lots of things that he said that you can still apply very directly to daily life".

Lots of Jesus's teachings? Not all of them then? Which ones shall we ignore? 

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