Monday, August 12, 2013

A Damascus Road moment involving a tin of corned beef

That moment when you realise that, if you're making corned beef pie for dinner, you need corned beef.

Now, maybe one of you wise people out there can tell me why they still put the tin openers on corned beef cans. They stopped doing it on sardines ages ago and, if it were such a good invention, why didn't they do it for anything else?

Not that I've ever had much success. The little key usually comes off in my hand leaving a dangerously-half-opened can and I have to resort to using a proper tin opener.


Furtheron said...

Who knows... I didn't know they still did, that probably has more to do with when I last had corned beef (probably the 1980s) than anything else.

Liz said...

Not as an easy meal when all the fresh food in the house has gone, furtheron? Mrs F must be very organised.