Monday, August 12, 2013

In which the photo challenge becomes a cat for which I blame Mr Schrodinger

There's nothing to say I can't make up my own rules for the 30 Day photo Challenge so I'm catching up (I think although I might still be a day behind) and putting 2 days together - silhouette and a good habit.

At least I would if only I could think of a photo in silhouette. Isn't that a strange word? When you really look at it? Yet it's easy to spell as it's just as it sounds. It's not a word I can ever remember using. I suppose I must have done at some point but it would have been referring to something in silhouette. I mean, it's not the sort of word that would be used in any other context. Am I making myself clear? No. Well, I know what I mean. Same as I know what I meant when I said, 'does it only leak when it rains?'

There is sense in there somewhere you may just have to search a bit.

At least I'm not Schrodinger. 

Have you googled today? If you have you'll have seen the Google logo celebrating Schrodinger's 126th birthday. I'm sure they could find less obscure anniversaries if they tried. However it did make me look up Schrodinger's cat. I'd heard the saying but had no idea what it meant. And having researched it, I still have no idea.

Apparently according to Mr Schrodinger his cat is in a box and it is both alive and dead. And that is quantum theory. 

And people win Nobel prizes and get paid to come up with ideas like this. I have been wasting my life. I could so easily have made a fortune and been a household name if my silly ideas had been taken as seriously as this man's.

I said to Husband, 'That's just a plain stupid idea.'
'I think it's a good idea,' he said.
'Ah well, you're a man.'
'No, I mean, I think putting cats in boxes is a good idea. I think we should put all the cats in the world in boxes and leave them there to see if they are dead or alive.'

You'll have to excuse Husband: he hates cats. He has good reason in that every time a cat walks past him, a flea leaps from cat to Husband and sucks him dry. This even happens with cats previously guaranteed as flea-proofed.

Whoops, I seem to have digressed. I'm supposed to be looking for a silhouette photo.


Furtheron said...

The double slit experiment is a better example of the issues with Quantum... essentially in that experiment you see that light is both a particle and a wave. Schrodinger's cat theory was just a thought experiment to show the issue that the cat can't be alive and dead but has to be in a Quantum world.

I can't get my head around Quantum stuff really - it is a good job others do, the computers we use to work all this internet stuff just wouldn't work without it.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Digressing proves you're not a flea , anyway . They , as your husband can testify , are single-minded .

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We love Cats , not dogs really , don't hate them though , I just don't like it when owners think it is ok for their dog to come near me ,,

I did wonder what that was , Schrodinger's Cat , very very odd and too win a prize , beyond me.

Liz said...

Hm, seems there's a lot in life that relies on imaginary stuff, furtheron.

Hooray! I'm not a flea! Thank you, sonata!

I love cats, anne, in fact I love most creatures.