Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hooray it's raining ...

I can start washing towels before the mountain threatens to topple over and cause a minor earthquake.

I've finally caught up with all the bedding washing resulting from a houseful of people but I've been putting off washing the towels until it rained. Now wait before you call me stupid.

Towels dried on the line aren't as soft as those tumble-dried but my environmental conscience - and the thought of the inevitable grumbling from Husband - meant I couldn't justifiably use the tumble-dryer when the sun was shining. So I've waited.

What do you mean that's not logical? It makes perfect sense to me.


katney said...

Makes perfect sense. Why don't men get it?

Furtheron said...

I moan as I walk into the garage and see the tumble dryer is churning away on a sunny day but I've long given up questioning these things... ;-)