Sunday, July 28, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 1

Just browsing on Pinterest where I found this 30 day Photo Challenge:
I haven't done ABC wednesday or any other photo challenge for a while so I thought I'd have a go at this.

The first topic, self portrait, I took literally, hence this sketch of a terrified looking woman peering wide-eyed over her glasses, as she struggles to see herself in the mirror - no glasses needed - and quickly transfer that image to paper - glasses needed.  I seem to have ended up looking like a  badly-aged and slightly deranged children's television presenter.

I think from this little experiment we can safely conclude that I am not an artist. I also think my head should be a little bit squashed making my face wider and shorter. 

If you decide to try it too - the challenge not drawing yourself - although you may like to and would no doubt get better results - do tell me so I can cheer you on! And I won't feel so much like Lizzie No-Mates.


katney said...

As it is a photo challenge, I would think you could challenge yourself to do a photo of yourself. This could be accomplished in the mirror with glasses on--or off. I will pass on this one as doing something every single day with a couple of times out of town in the meantime would be a challenge in itself. Though I suppose that day one does not have to be a specific day and I could try it when I return.

Liz said...

Self portrait crops up again at the end - maybe to see how much I've aged in a month - so I'll do a photo for that one, katney.

CherryPie said...

I look forward to seeing what you choose for each category.

Liz said...

Clouds today, cherie, so do i try and grab some of the light fluffy ones or wait for the gloomy ones heading our way?