Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I can't make pastry

We have loads of milk at the moment for some reason so, while baking a teisen lap (cake on a plate) for Zac's yesterday, I decided I'd make some custard tarts too. 
It's a long story involving too much filling then not enough pastry and changing my mind halfway through but I ended up with 12 small custard tarts with home-made pastry and 1 large one made with left-over and slightly dried-out filo pastry.

I am convinced I can't make pastry so I don't very often. My gran made wonderful pastry and even though she showed me how to do exactly what she does, my pastry is never as good as hers was.
So as I'm making it I'm scared. They say pastry is very susceptible to moods (or maybe I just made that up) so mine is destined to fail before I begin.
Having said that, my little tarts were very nice. Pastry was a bit thick and rose not leaving much room for filling but apart from that ...

The filo tart was fine too although the pastry underneath seemed to disappear. And the custard was lovely and tasty and perfectly wobbly so how Husband managed to break a knife cutting it is a mystery to me.


Gledwood said...

The top one looks like my home cooking. Which is why I don't even TRY and make pastry ...

katney said...

The key to pastry is keeping it cold. I use ice water when making it. I used to have a rolling pin that you could put ice cubes inside.

I saw on a TV food show where the cook put rubber bands around the rolling pin to make a spacer so the pastry was rolled out to exactly the right thickness.

I also always make more than I need so I can throw some out. Really. It never is smooth and nice at the edges, so I roll out way bigger than needed and cut the circle out of the part that is not scrappy.

Now cookies I am getting pretty good at. (Biscuits to you.) Except last night I didn't hear the time go off, even when it was getting frantic about it. So the last tray of cookies went 13 minutes overtime. That is a lot for cookies.

Liz said...

It tasted nice though, gledwood!

Those cookies must have been quite crispy by the end, katney. I like the rubber band idea.