Thursday, June 21, 2012

I should have worn wellies

Then I wouldn't have had to tuck my trousers in my knickers and I wouldn't have got a boot full of mud.
 Which was strangely comfortable; the mud sort of cwched my foot. This is the bit of path responsible, where I stood on a bit of mud pretending to be a stone.
 But this was the really intriguing find in the middle of the woods
No-one with a crutch could walk along this path and if he had a crutch starting out why did he no longer need it? Unless ... 
YES! He fell into the mud too and was miraculously healed! Clyne river has healing properties! We can make a shrine there and sell bottles of water and tins of mud and make lots of money ... I mean, help lots of people.

And we'll tell people not to go somewhere else but to come to us, the only, real, genuine, approved by the Pope purveyors of Clyne Healing waters.

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