Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Remember this?

I spotted this Judy annual in a second-hand book shop the other day and I had to have it. I thought at first that it might well be one I'd had as a child but I think by 1966 I'd have moved on and been into Jackie.
I used to love Judy and Bunty comics and wait eagerly for my mum to bring them home with her on the days they came out.
Before these it was Princess; the only character I can remember from that is Harold Hare! Judy and Bunty were full of school stories with lots of ballerinas and horse riders. The idyllic life of children in comics before reality got to them. Not that these characters didn't have to cope with difficulties but they always came through smiling, brave little heroes that they were.I loved them.


Leslie: said...

I guess they're British (or sorry, Welsh) because we didn't have those. We had Archie comics with Betty & Veronica who were always competing for him, Little Lulu, and Tom & Jerry. The books we read were the Bobbsey Twins and then we moved on to Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew mysteries.

Liz said...

I read the Bobbsey twins too!