Tuesday, May 01, 2012

George and the pouffe

They've been changing the road system in Swansea city centre for the past few years, introducing a new one-way system and bus lanes. It's bad enough driving through it but walking is another thing altogether.
For someone's who panics easily and who, when flustered, struggles to tell left from right, crossing roads is a nightmare. I have to look every which way at least three times before hopping and skipping across quickly, while squeaking to myself. 

So today's trip to the library via the post office  involved a lot of planning and taking my courage in both hands. So, imagine me, as I've described, manoeuvring my way through town while trying to psyche myself up for the library. You see this wasn't an ordinary library visit.
I went with the intention of speaking 'to the librarian who handles acquisitions, please,' and hoping to get a copy of my novel into their stock. I was quite prepared to give her a free copy so had to conceal my delight - and refrain from saying, 'there's no need to pay me' - when she said they'd have two copies. I think I love the librarian.

I've made contact again with the girl researcher from BBC Radio Wales and sent her a copy of my book so, fingers crossed, I could be on national radio soon too. (George, stop humping the pouffe!)

And I had a brilliant idea: I'm making promotional bookmarks and I thought I could, while seemingly casually browsing through similar style novels in the library, pop one of my bookmarks in other people's books. Good idea? But a small one. Husband keeps telling me I have to pluck up my courage and approach bookstores, like Waterstone's, and ask them about selling my book. And having a book launch. But that's scary and real and i don't know if I'm ready for that yet.


Ole Phat Stu said...

Approach clubs who have (hobby) interests including subject matter in your book.

Over 20 years ago I wrote a novel about motorcycling and went and did readings from it/signings in a dozen M/C clubs.

Some people bought a copy who couldn't even read english but wanted the status of owning a signed copy.

Similarly with the textbooks I've written at universities and students' unions.

Surely you have a WI or equivalent at which you could do signings/readings?

nick said...

No harm in approaching Waterstones. Wouldn't they be keen to promote a local author? They can only say no....

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

The librarian obviously has good judgement. The bookmarks are a good idea. I woulkd be shy about approaching bookstores too, but you have to do it! Simi is giggling about George and the pouffe.

Furtheron said...

I know they are few and far between now but local independent bookshops? We had a really good one in our town for years and years, now sadly gone as ebooks (oops red face) and internet (oops redder face) took over. They often had stacks with "latest local authors" or "latest local books" etc. The trouble with Waterstones is they might say yes and then say "50,000 copies on Monday to these 150 branches please" ;-)

We have a little local record store (proper one!) they sell local bands CDs... not mine... I've not had the courage to go in and ask... there is a phrase involving pots, kettles and the colour black that might be in your mind now

Suburbia said...

Love the bookmark idea (and the thought of you skulking about trying to put them in as many books as possible!)

Naughty George (you don't get that with cats!!)

Gledwood said...

Are you in WH Smiths? Living in the ghetto we have no other bookshop for miles. If it's not in stock they'll only order in stuff from their own not very copious list...

I'm writing a book too. But it's a kiddies' book so it only needs to be about 15,000 words.

By the way I'm turning into a woman!