Sunday, May 06, 2012

Catching up backwards

Oh my, such a lot of catching up to do. Where to start? If I begin with now and work backwards I might remember what I've been doing ...

I'm on skip patrol at the moment. Any idea what the rules are about removing stuff from skips? I would go and ask the owners but they only live here part time and don't seem to be around just now. I'm afraid someone else will take my booty although Derwen Fawr isn't the sort of place that you get skip scavengers as a rule. Just me.

It's been a lovely day today so we walked up to the secret bluebell woods. I find it impossible to take a good photo of bluebells. None of my photos do them justice or capture their beauty. The goats at the top of the hill were very friendly though.

In prison this morning to take the service. The theme was heroes. I wanted to wear my knickers over my trousers but Husband wouldn't let me out of the house like so I had to make do with wearing younger Son's t-shirt.
I played Eye of the Tiger as the men came in and that was fine until the cd started jumping. Anyway they all paid very close attention but it's hard to tell what they made of it although one of the guys said, 'That was good, thank you.' And a new man who had come in with prison fellowship said he wished I could go and preach at his church! (But it's Anglican and not the sort of place where you have my sort of talking: I can't call what I do preaching.) But it's nice to know some people appreciate me!

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katney said...

Sorry, this must be where British and American English diverge. I have no idea whatsoever what you mean by skip patrol (or skip).